CCSVI Doppler Ultrasound Screenings

CCSVI Doppler ultrasound screenings are available in our office in central Phoenix.  Screenings are provided by Eric Feigenbutz.  Eric has received specialized training and has extensive experience providing CCSVI Doppler ultrasound screenings.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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CCSVI Doppler Ultrasound Screenings in San Francisco

Arizona Doppler Specialists will be traveling to the San Francisco bay area on December 8, 2014 to provide CCSVI Doppler ultrasound screenings.  The screenings will be provided by Eric Feigenbutz.  Eric has received specialized training in CCSVI Doppler ultrasound and has been providing the screenings for over 4 years.  Appointments are limited, so please contact […]

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4th Annual ISNVD Meeting

Eric Feigenbutz, RVT had the privilege of attending the recent 4th Annual ISNVD Meeting.  The meeting was held in San Francisco, California on February 7-9, 2014. Meeting directors included: Michael Dake, MD; Robert Zivadinov, MD, PhD; Mark Haacke, PhD; Ziv Haskal, MD; Chih-Ping Chung, MD, PhD.  We feel very lucky that this year’s annual meeting […]

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The Hubbard Foundation: 2012 Chronic Venous Disease in Multiple Sclerosis Conference

The Hubbard Foundation Annual Conference will be held on May 12-13, 2012 in San Diego, California at the historic Liberty Station. A wonderful group of speakers have been assembled, including: John Cooke, MD, PhD  |  Terry Wahls, MD  |  Paolo Zamboni, MD Gregory Berkoff, DC  |  Ann Boroch, ND  |  Michael Dake, MD David Hubbard, […]

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2nd Annual ISNVD Scientific Meeting & MS Patient Day

Our bags are packed and we’re leaving TOMORROW for the ISNVD 2nd Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful event. Eric was lucky enough to attend last year’s meeting as well, so he’s anxious to run into some of the folks he met last […]

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Invitation to speak at the ISNVD MS Patient Day

We are excited to announce that Eric Feigenbutz, RVT has been invited to speak at the upcoming ISNVD 2nd Annual Meeting during the MS Patient Day. He will be discussing the use of Doppler ultrasound as a tool to diagnose CCSVI. The MS Patient Day is on Saturday – February 18, 2012 in Orlando, Florida […]

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A gracious thank you!

We were recently invited to speak at a local MS group meeting. The invitation came from a past CCSVI patient and we happily accepted. If you’ve had the opportunity to meet any of our team, you know we are very passionate about CCSVI and spreading the word is one part of that passion. The group […]

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CCSVI Doppler ultrasounds coming to Seattle (again)!

We’re making another trip to Tukwilla, WA (just outside of Seattle) to provide CCSVI Doppler ultrasounds. We will be at Vascular Access Centers (VAC) on Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11, 2012. Appointments have filled up very quickly, but we still have room for a few more. We will be offering the Zamboni protocol […]

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