Dr. McGuckin answers questions about CCSVI

Provided by Danielle Rhéaume and posted on FaceBook

Note: Dr. McGuckin was one of the presenters at the “Big Event” in Seattle where our Eric Feigenbutz also presented:

These questions were asked on the CCSVI in Seattle group page and answered by Dr McGuckin of Vascular Access Centers in February:

1) How aggressively do you treat stenosis? Are the veins/valves simply stretched, or are they ‘disrupted?’ Angioplasty causes a controlled tear in the lining and the wall of the blood vessel, leading to plastic deformation and therefore disruption of the stricture/web/stenosis/valvular irregularity, resulting in an increase in diameter of the vein. Increased diameter leads to increased flow, which leads to decreased venous pressure. We disrupt all narrowings via angioplasty.


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A husband and wife’s journey

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Here, YouTube friend, @gekiryudojo documents the journey of he and his wife (who also suffers from MS) through their liberation procedure performed in Nis Serbia. (more…)

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Matthew’s One Month Update

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Matthew a Canadian CCSVI patient, talks about his one-month update on how he’s doing post-liberation. Although we didn’t see Matthew ourselves, we do see many patients from Canada each week. His video stresses the importance for follow up care.  We recommend that patients have a follow up doppler exam one month, six months and one year after surgery.

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Cause célèbre

Michael J Fox

Celebrity spokespersons for diseases and degenerative conditions can draw widespread recognition and sympathy.  To date, no celebrity has come forward to support the global CCSVI community and the liberation procedure suggesting hope for millions of people suffering from multiple sclerosis.  Certainly many famous people in history have lived with M.S. but how important do you think it is for a famous person to step forward to advance the cause and to put a “face,” on the movement that most people know and trust. It’s an interesting thought.  What do you think?

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Dr. Marian Simka from Poland discusses CCSVI

From time to time we want to share patient and health care professionals testimonials from around the world.  Her Dr. Marian Simka talks about his observations regarding CCSVI and the liberation procedures.

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An objective look at CCSVI

As many of you know, nearly every scientific advancement in history has met with some controversy. Some more than others. CCSVI is no exception. Despite overwhelming patient anecdotal evidence the procedure is consistently challenged in the mainstream medical community. To legitimize Dr. Zamboni’s hypothesis, several international studies are underway (they themselves subject to controversy as several of the researches have disclosed that they benefit financially from some of the largest drug companies). (more…)

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Using humor for a serious subject

Stacy, A new friend we met on Facebook is taking a unique and humorous approach to dealing with her condition.  She has created a t-shirt called “got brain drain.” Restricted blood flow in Multiple Sclerosis patients is thought to be the leading cause for the condition CCSVI.  She is donating a portion of the sales from the t-shirts to the CCSVI Alliance as well as raising money to help with her own aftercare. Humor in the face of a daunting health condition is both inspiring and uplifting.

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Nigel’s post liberation story

[re-printed with permission from his post on CCSVI Locator]

“This is my first post and I should have commented earlier but I have never done this kinda stuff before, so on Feb 16 it 3 months since I had my “Liberation Treatment” at the Rhode Island Vascular Institute. I went there not knowing if I had any stenosis at all but I have a sister with MS (2 years younger) and she was able to get a MRV and hers showed narrowing. So my wife and I went to Rhode Island I got tested and sure enough I had blockages in all 3 areas (more…)

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Traveling to Arizona has gotten a little easier

Traveling for medical procedures can be a daunting process. Aside from the costs associated with international travel, knowing where to stay, knowing where to eat, and even where to find the nearest (more…)

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Visualizing the liberation procedure for CCSVI

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Dr. Paolo Zamboni coined the term CCSVI to describe the compromise blood flow in the brain, but do many understand exactly how the procedure works? This simple YouTube video posted by Dr. Zamboni, describes the blood flow of patient without multiple sclerosis (MS) and patient with the malady. (more…)
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