CCSVI Doppler Ultrasound Screenings

CCSVI Doppler ultrasound screenings are available in our office in central Phoenix.  Screenings are provided by Eric Feigenbutz.  Eric has received specialized training and has extensive experience providing CCSVI Doppler ultrasound screenings.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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CCSVI Doppler Ultrasound Screenings in San Francisco

Phx to SFArizona Doppler Specialists will be traveling to the San Francisco bay area on December 8, 2014 to provide CCSVI Doppler ultrasound screenings.  The screenings will be provided by Eric Feigenbutz.  Eric has received specialized training in CCSVI Doppler ultrasound and has been providing the screenings for over 4 years.  Appointments are limited, so please contact us via email ( for more information.

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4th Annual ISNVD Meeting

Eric Feigenbutz, ISNVDRVT had the privilege of attending the recent 4th Annual ISNVD Meeting.  The meeting was held in San Francisco, California on February 7-9, 2014. Meeting directors included: Michael Dake, MD; Robert Zivadinov, MD, PhD; Mark Haacke, PhD; Ziv Haskal, MD; Chih-Ping Chung, MD, PhD.  We feel very lucky that this year’s annual meeting was so close to Arizona.  These meetings present a wonderful opportunity to meet with colleagues in the CCSVI community to learn about everything new in research and compare notes from facilities around the world.  This year’s meeting did not disappoint!

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The Hubbard Foundation: 2012 Chronic Venous Disease in Multiple Sclerosis Conference

The Hubbard Foundation Annual Conference will be held on May 12-13, 2012 in San Diego, California at the historic Liberty Station. A wonderful group of speakers have been assembled, including:

John Cooke, MD, PhD  |  Terry Wahls, MD  |  Paolo Zamboni, MD
Gregory Berkoff, DC  |  Ann Boroch, ND  |  Michael Dake, MD
David Hubbard, MD  |  James McGuckin, MD  |  Donald Ponec, MD  |  Mark Stengler, NMD

What a great opportunity to hear from some of the best known folks in CCSVI research. The event is open to the public. Early bird registration runs until March 31 and includes a gluten free lunch, as well as a discount on the registration fee. Register online at Hope to see you there!

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2nd Annual ISNVD Scientific Meeting & MS Patient Day

Our bags are packed and we’re leaving TOMORROW for the ISNVD 2nd Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful event. Eric was lucky enough to attend last year’s meeting as well, so he’s anxious to run into some of the folks he met last year. PLUS, Eric will be speaking at the MS Patient Day on Saturday, 2/18/2012. The MS Patient Day is filled with excellent speakers in all areas of CCSVI.

Remember if you can’t attend in person, there is an online webinar also available. Go to: to register ($25 for webinar). Hope to see some of you there!

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Invitation to speak at the ISNVD MS Patient Day

We are excited to announce that Eric Feigenbutz, RVT has been invited to speak at the upcoming ISNVD 2nd Annual Meeting during the MS Patient Day. He will be discussing the use of Doppler ultrasound as a tool to diagnose CCSVI. The MS Patient Day is on Saturday – February 18, 2012 in Orlando, Florida (USA). Eric will be in great company. Just a few of the other speakers include: Paolo Zamboni, MD; Salvatore Sclafani, MD; Robert Zivadinov, MD, PhD; William Code, MD; E. Mark Haacke, PhD; Michael D. Dake, MD; David Hubbard, MD; Bulent Arslan, MD; Kirsty Duncan, PhD and the list goes on and on. The entire list of speakers and topics is online at:

The MS Patient Day is open to anyone interested in attending (cost is $75 to attend in person which includes lunch) AND for anyone not able to attend in person there will also be a webinar available (cost is $25 for the online webinar). What a great opportunity to see the most well-known names in CCSVI discuss the latest developments!

We are so proud that Eric has been invited to speak and will be able to share his vast knowledge of Doppler ultrasound, as well as his passion for CCSVI!

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A gracious thank you!

We were recently invited to speak at a local MS group meeting. The invitation came from a past CCSVI patient and we happily accepted. If you’ve had the opportunity to meet any of our team, you know we are very passionate about CCSVI and spreading the word is one part of that passion. The group met last Friday. Eric Feigenbutz, along with Dr. Jane Orient, presented together. The response was wonderful! There were folks in the group that had never heard of CCSVI, those who had some knowledge of it and those who had personal experience. It was a wonderful opportunity and we wanted to send a very sincere thank you to the entire group for inviting us to be a part of such a wonderful meeting!

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CCSVI Doppler ultrasounds coming to Seattle (again)!

We’re making another trip to Tukwilla, WA (just outside of Seattle) to provide CCSVI Doppler ultrasounds. We will be at Vascular Access Centers (VAC) on Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11, 2012. Appointments have filled up very quickly, but we still have room for a few more. We will be offering the Zamboni protocol CCSVI Doppler ultrasound, as well as a Limited Doppler ultrasound. The CCSVI Doppler ultrasound follows the Zamboni protocol to evaluate the jugular, vertebral and deep cerebral veins. The Limited Doppler ultrasound evaluates the jugular veins and left renal and iliac veins.

We are excited to team up with VAC and Danielle Rheaume again to provide CCSVI Doppler ultrasounds to the great city of Seattle!

For more information or to schedule an appointment please email or call 602-368-1079.

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Our Arizona Story

3TV Phoenix and Fox 11 Tucson recently aired a story about our work with CCSVI here in Arizona along with the very personal story of Ryan Noreen, one of our patients willing to talk about his experience with the liberation procedure.  As a scientist himself, Ryan is a credible source for the media. Of course, with all journalism, it is important to present a balanced story, so the producer Brandy Aguilar chose a neurologist to discuss the counter point.  Fortunately, Brandy wisely chose a neurologist who’s message was “this is a new theory and studies are underway that will bear out (or not) the anecdotal findings currently being presented as proof. We appreciate her willingness to present a “sober” source rather than one who would take a more controversial counterpoint. Many other news sources tend to rely on the “they are crackpots” sources to try to present a balanced story.  Not the case here. We’d like to think this is the first of what will eventually become the standard in reporting on this topic. We can hope for that, right?

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A small act

When Hilde Back sponsored a young, rural Kenyan student, she thought nothing of it. She never imagined her quarterly donation of $15 would pave the way for Chris Mburu’s journey to Harvard Law School.

Years later, Chris has become a United Nations human rights lawyer working to combat genocide and discrimination. He decides to seek out the stranger who dramatically transformed his life and is astonished to learn his benefactor, Hilde, is a Holocaust survivor. Chris replicates Hilde’s generosity by starting a foundation to sponsor Kenyan students in need, naming it the Hilde Back Education Fund.

This story illustrates the fact that great things come in small steps.  But it begins with the courage and conviction to take that very first step. The same is true for the pioneers of change in the CCSVI community.  We routinely see and hear stories of everyday people that are making a difference in the lives of others in small ways. There is a wonderful proverb from Aesop that says: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  Remember that today in your own life and how MS has affected you and your family and what small thing you can do now that may, in totality, change the world.

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