Matt’s Story

Room for Hope

Day One

We just completed our trip to Seattle. The mood was overwhelmingly positive and excited. Several great presentations were made to help MS patients understand the basics of CCSVI and the liberation procedure and to provide them an opportunity to interact with health care professionals and other people coping with MS.

We screened about 20 people for CCSVI at the hotel and nearly all of them tested positive for the condition.  Although no one wants to find out for sure they have a malady of any kind, the peace of mind that comes from confirmation can be comforting.  Many of those we saw thought they might come to Arizona for a follow up as well as the liberation procedure provided at by our colleagues at Saguaro Surgical in Tucson.

A video of the event by Seattle Television Station KOMO is below.  You can see first hand the hopeful testimony of the people interviewed.

We are considering creating a similar event for the Southwest as The Big Gathering in Seattle.  What do you think? Would that be something of interest to you?






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