Nigel’s post liberation story

[re-printed with permission from his post on CCSVI Locator]

“This is my first post and I should have commented earlier but I have never done this kinda stuff before, so on Feb 16 it 3 months since I had my “Liberation Treatment” at the Rhode Island Vascular Institute. I went there not knowing if I had any stenosis at all but I have a sister with MS (2 years younger) and she was able to get a MRV and hers showed narrowing. So my wife and I went to Rhode Island I got tested and sure enough I had blockages in all 3 areas (left and right jugulars and the azygos) So the next morning they went ahead with the procedure (I have to add I have been in a wheelchair for approx 5 years been on copaxone for 10 years and now tysabri for the past 3 years) so during the procedure I could feel the tingling and knubness in my hands and feet just stop right on the operating table which I thought maybe it’s the drugs they gave me to calm you down or something but I could really feel a sensation when the blood srarted to flow out left jugular. The Doctors and staff are so great and helpfull there. I went there in my wheelchair with my guide dog Orca went back to our hotel and was able to go out for dinner that evening. The procedure was that simple and easy and the cost $6500.00 USFunds (which was at par at the time) $500.00USFunds for 1month of Plaxal(blood thinner which my insurance company reimpursed) and that was the cost other than gas, food and hotel which can all be written off on income tax.

The next day went back to clinic (was able to walk in with cane) for a final doppler test and all 3 areas blood was flowing great. Being home now I do not use my stair glide in my house anymore, I am going on short walks around the block and stuff like that, my balance has improved 100% , my cognitive skills which was a big problem too have also improved as I can read a book know remember fully. The only thing I can’t do yet is do even a light jog but its only been 3 months so that’s my new goal. I would also like to add that even when I was in the wheelchair I went to my gym 3-4 days a week and tried to work all my muscles and I truly believe thats why after the surgery I might have had such a quick response. I haven’t told my neurologist because he told me point-blank the subject will be gone and buried in a year (that was 6 month ago)and he is the head at St. Michael’s.”

Nigel’s story is inspirational and we thank him for sharing it with us. He is part of a growing CCSVI community who share their stories with the world in hopes of making a difference.


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