Visualizing the liberation procedure for CCSVI


Dr. Paolo Zamboni coined the term CCSVI to describe the compromise blood flow in the brain, but do many understand exactly how the procedure works? This simple YouTube video posted by Dr. Zamboni, describes the blood flow of patient without multiple sclerosis (MS) and patient with the malady.

In patients without MS, the blood flows from the brain, to the spinal chord to the heart without changing direction. The doppler machine detects this, showing up as blue in the video. Untreated MS patients are the opposite. Blood flows towards the brain rather than towards the heart. In the video, the doppler detects this as red spots showing on the monitor. The effects of MS may be altered when a balloon is inserted into the vein, restoring normal blood flow, but first a test must be performed.

Arizona Doppler offers CCSVI screening in Phoenix and Tucson. Our technologists are trained in the Zamboni protocol and have extensive experience in providing vascular ultrasounds. If our testing shows a venous abnormality, AZ Doppler will refer the patient to a facility in Tucson that offers treatment.

Video Courtesy of Dr. Paolo Zamboni:


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