Olga’s story

The beautiful Olga Krejci is one of our patients who was diagnosed with MS in January 2010. A full year later she walked into our lives as a CCSVI candidate. Like many, Olga needed to find a way to pay for her procedure and so she turned to www.caringbridge.org to help her not only set up a fund account but to also journal about her story. With her permission we will start at the beginning of her story and each week share another entry. We believe that by sharing our friends’ stories it is sure to help someone out there under similar circumstances.

Olga’s Story Chapter One – SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 2011 5:28 PM, CST

I was diagnosed with multiple sclorosis in January of 2010. Having been blind already it was hard to accept that I would have another disability. God had allowed me to meet life’s challenges in being married and raising ten children (seven are out of the house, married and/or pursuing careers. Three are still at home). I was happy with what the Lord had accomplished through me, because it far exceeded any of my own expectations. I was blessed with a good marriage of 36 years with a supportive, loving husband who was a good father. My husband being blind also taught me about perseverance as we homeschooled our children and worked whenever opportunities came our way.

When you have a disability you learn to emphasize your abilities. But a little before the diagnosis, and now, it has been harder to see my abilities. I feel like I am losing myself. I used to be a walking phonebook and now I can’t remember who I talked to 5 minutes ago on the phone. I am slowly losing strength on my right side. I have to begin my steps with the left foot because my right foot doesn’t seem to receive the message to take a step. When I first wake up it takes awhile to come out of the brain fog. After two to three hours into the day my body starts needing a nap. I used to look forward to when my children became adults so that I could accomplish what the Lord has purposed for me to do, and now I feel like I am rapidly aging beyond my years and my ability to take on projects has been greatly diminished. I am no longer able to meet my own expectations. I am unable to stand for more than 20 minutes at a time in order to perform a simple task like making dinner for my family. I know better than to sit at a meal without a drink to help me swallow. I can never remember where I put things so I’ve learned to put loops and straps on items and take many notes to remind myself. I never used to cry at sad movies but now I find myself frequently fighting depression.

In spite of all of this I am trying to continue with normal life to the best of my ability. I have taught lactation ed classes and am still teaching. I have and am still teaching birthing classes. I also do daycare as I am able.

My husband, Larry, is currently between jobs having finished a temporary contract as an IT Tech for Lockheed Martin. He is waiting to hear back on other applications. Because he took this opportunity of working a full time job Social Security benefits have stopped.

I have a friend who has MS and had a treatment procedure done in Poland. Her results have prompted me to seek this same procedure which is now available in the USA on a limited basis. In searching the web we found AZ Doppler specialists who follow the same protocol that was originally started by Dr. Zamboni in Italy about five years ago. The testimonials of people who have had the liberation procedure have been anything between miraculous to outstanding. Since AMA has not approved the CCSVI procedure as a treatment for MS, as it is accepted in other countries, insurances are not willing to help with the $9,000 plus fees that the liberation procedure costs.

Watching the subtle symptoms of MS steal their way into my life feels hopeless but the idea of having more of a quality of life, being able to finish teaching home schooling, raising our three children still at home and being able to meet the challenges of being a good wife gives me hope for the future. Prayers and/or donations to enable me to receive this much-needed procedure would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to obtain more information on the CCSVI procedure you may go to http://azdoppler.com.


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